Eng. Roland E. IDIMI Calls for the the Creation of Urhobo Agricultural Development Cooperation (UADC) “Ideas to develop Agriculture Resources in Urhoboland”

The Urhobo Nation has a potential to exist as an independent economy and could become the center of commerce and industry in West Africa if the right ideas to harness our vast agricultural resources, mineral resources, oil and gas resources and human capital resources for the optimum benefits of the Urhobo Nation and Delta State in general are put in place. We have some of the most fertile lands in the world for agriculture. In addition to the above, we have strategic oil and resources which can serves as source of energy to manufacturing industries which can utilize agricultural produce from our lands as source of raw materials. Worthy to note is the fact that our greatest resources in Urhobo Nation is our people. We have natural high intelligence level with a potentials to do great exploits if given the right opportunities.
To harness the Agriculture potentials in Urhoboland cooperation of communities is required at the Local Government and State Level. My recommendation is that there should be Urhobo Agriculture Development Corporation (UADC) established in Urhoboland to oversee development and investments of Agriculture Industries in Urhoboland and serve as primary point of contact between the Urhobo Nation and Government with respects to Agriculture Development and investments in Urhoboland. The UADC shall be made up of elected delegations of Agriculture Development Committee, in each Local Government Areas within Urhobo Nation. The idea is that the Agriculture Development Committee shall be made up of at least one representative from each community in Urhobo Nation.
The overall development strategy of UADC should be to increase the value chain of agriculture resources in Urhoboland, from cultivation to production and processing to marketing by putting in place the right policies framework, application of the right technology and establishment of industries that shall utilise agriculture products as raw materials. Important to also open the right national and international trade networks for Agriculture produced from Urhoboland.
The first step to be taken by UADC should be to work with the Agriculture Development Committees at the Local Government Level and Traditional Council of Urhobo Nation, community leaders, Government of Nigeria, and Delta State Government to ensure have the right policies and lands to establish a minimum of 5,000 hectares of land in each of the 8 Local Government Areas of Delta Central Senatorial Districts for development of plantations for cultivation of cash crops like Palm oil, palm wine, timber, robber, cassava, fruits (mango, pineapple, orange, sugar cane etc, yam, cocoa, groundnut etc). UADC shall also need to consider fish farming and animal husbandry development in commercial scale with focus in Cattle Ranching.
UADC shall work closely with the proposed Sapele Industrial Corporation and other Industrial Corporations to be established in strategic locations in Urhoboland on how to encourage Agro-Allied Industrial Development in the Sapele Industrial City. Provision of incentives/lands to Nigerian and Foreign Investors who are interested to invest in setting up of manufacturing industries like Palm Oil milling plants, palm kernel extracting plants, palm oil processing plants, ethanol plant, ply wood and timber factories, robber processing plants, tyre manufacturing plant, beverages plants, food processing plant within the different industrial cities to be established in Urhobo Land as to utilize the raw materials from the agricultural plantations to be established in all Local Government Areas of Delta Central Senatorial Districts.
UADC shall have to provide full supports for agricultural departments and courses offered in the different schools of higher learning in Urhobo Nation with a consideration of establishing a Federal University of Agriculture Technology in Urhoboland. An investment start up program should be conducted and funding supports provided to fresh graduates who want to venture into small and medium scale agriculture business or development of agriculture technology. Traders of agriculture produce and market women should be supported with some grants to grow their business. Importantly, UACD should assist to open channel of business locally and international for agricultural produce from Urhoboland.
This idea is centred on cooperation and ability for all sons and daughters of our Great Nation to work together to develop the agricultural businesses and industries needed to create jobs for our youths and wealth for our people as to make the Urhobo Nation Great Again. Expectations is that socio-cultural organizations like the UPU should be able to take leadership roles in setting up the structure of the UADC. We cannot just be waiting for the Government to do everything. As Urhobos, we should think differently to generate ideas that would enable us partner with the Government to develop our societies and empower our people. This we have to do together as Urhobo people and not individually.

Let Us Rate Our Amiable Governor

While we must commend the good of the administration of the Governor of Delta State, Sen. (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, for constructing over 268 kilometers of roads across Delta State in his first year in office among others, one is left wondering if this is the “Stronger Delta” we were promised

Perhaps, the next generation would like to know what we have planted for them not only how we spent oil money…

Let us have your comment below…

Breaking News: Covid-19 Vaccination Arrives Nigeria

Emirates Airlines arrives at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja in Nigeria today Tuesday 2nd of March 2021, with the NAFDAC-approved Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines.

It is still unclear whether the Vaccine can actually prevent the spread of the Virus and how much we paid for it…


We are pleased to announce the launching of Urhobo Television on this day the 11th of February 2021.

“Television is simply a way we talk to each other about ourselves and so Urhobo television is long overdue”

This is a news and entertainment station set up to acquire, develop, produce, and broadcast Urhobo News and Entertainment content to a global audience.

The primary aim of the station is to project and promote the Urhobo culture and the Urhobo people.

Urhobo Television is aimed to be the new VOICE of the Urhobo people, reporting and analysing issues from the Urhobo people point of view.

The core of Urhobo Television is to produce Urhobo News and Entertainment content; Event shows, Lifestyle, Political Shows, Urhobo Fashion & Beauty, teaching the people the preparation of the native Food, Urhobo Music and Movies, Urhobo Businesses and Healthtalks etc for both mainstream and local market with exciting content that appeals to a wide audience.

Urhobo television will soon be launched in Nigeria and will remain online…

Join us in this journey to restore pride to the Urhobo Nation

God bless Urhobo Nation!