Breaking News: Covid-19 Vaccination Arrives Nigeria

Emirates Airlines arrives at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja in Nigeria today Tuesday 2nd of March 2021, with the NAFDAC-approved Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines.

It is still unclear whether the Vaccine can actually prevent the spread of the Virus and how much we paid for it…


We are pleased to announce the launching of Urhobo Television on this day the 11th of February 2021.

“Television is simply a way we talk to each other about ourselves and so Urhobo television is long overdue”

This is a news and entertainment station set up to acquire, develop, produce, and broadcast Urhobo News and Entertainment content to a global audience.

The primary aim of the station is to project and promote the Urhobo culture and the Urhobo people.

Urhobo Television is aimed to be the new VOICE of the Urhobo people, reporting and analysing issues from the Urhobo people point of view.

The core of Urhobo Television is to produce Urhobo News and Entertainment content; Event shows, Lifestyle, Political Shows, Urhobo Fashion & Beauty, teaching the people the preparation of the native Food, Urhobo Music and Movies, Urhobo Businesses and Healthtalks etc for both mainstream and local market with exciting content that appeals to a wide audience.

Urhobo television will soon be launched in Nigeria and will remain online…

Join us in this journey to restore pride to the Urhobo Nation

God bless Urhobo Nation!

Strategic Economic Development Plan to make Delta State Great

To develop Delta State is not a rocket science. It is easy with the right leadership and intelligence.

The greatness of Delta State is highly dependent on a strategic economic development plan that is centered on industrial development with a view to harness the vast oil & gas resources and agro base raw materials to drive manufacturing and diversification of the Delta State economy. The first principle to develop this plan is to first of all study the geographical resource potentials of the State and planthe economic development plan on the strength of its strategic geography and geology.

From the map of Delta State shown below, it is easy for natural resources development expert like myself to quick identify four (4) strategic geography of Delta State to drive the industrial development philosophy of Delta State: 1. Sapele/Koko Deep River Channel to the Atlantic Ocean 2. Ogidigbe/Ogbe-Ijoh Deep River Channel to the Atlantic Ocean 3. Forcados/Burutu/Warri Deep River Channel to the Atlantic Ocean. 4. Asaba that serves as gateway to Eastern Nigeria. The geography within the channel to the Atlantic Ocean are most strategic geographies in Delta State to develop industrial cities due to the fact that they: – Provide access to the Atlantic Ocean for exportation and importation of goods and products, – Have abundant oil & gas reserves to serve as source of energy and petrochemical raw materials for manufacturing and industrial development, – Have proximity to hinterlands of Delta State with fertile soil for development of agro-allied materials needed for manufacturing. In addition to the above, Sapele in particular has advantage of access to existing road networks to all parts of Nigeria for transportation of goods and products within Nigeria. Moreover, the proposed site for the Sapele Industrial City FTZ is 10 minutes’ drive away from the Osubi Airport for air transportation logistics supports requirements to the industrial city which makes it more strategic than the Onne FTZ and Lekki Free Trade Zone. Asaba is strategic because of the fact that it is a gateway to Eastern Nigeria. Couple with the fact that there is already existing airport in Asaba. What would be needed to make Asaba an attractive industrial city is for a gas pipeline system to be constructed from Southern Part of Delta State through Delta center to Asaba to supply gas as source of energy to drive industrialization in Asaba. With the above known facts established, Delta State economic development strategy should be driven by the following development strategy:

  1. Development of Sapele Industrial City FTZ as a safe haven free Trade Zone to harness the gas resources within Sapele and environment to drive manufacturing process and diversification of the Delta State Economy.
  1. Development of the Ogidigbe Export Processing Zone for oil and gas refining and petrochemical products processing and exportation.
  1. Development of Burutu Deep Sea Port for exportation and importation Operations.
  1. Development of Asaba Industrial City FTZ for manufacturing industries.
  1. Upgrade of Osubi Airport to International Standard.
  1. Construction of mega express road to connect Forcados Terminal – Burutu – Escravos – Ogidigbe to Warri/ Sapele Express Way.
  1. Construction of Gas Pipeline System from Delta South through Delta Central to Asaba.
  1. Development of a minimum of 2000 hectares of land Agriculture Plantations in each Local Government Area of Delta State for cultivation of cash crops that would serve as Agro-allied raw materials to the Industrial City.
  1. Expansion of the Railway line from North/West/ Eastern Nigeria to all industrial Cities to be developed in Delta State.

The overall philosophy of this development plan is to achieve an export base economy that is driven by trade, industries and commerce. What the people and Government of Delta State needs is a strategy that would enable Government and private corporations to have the right partnership to harness the vast mineral, geographical, marine, environmental and agriculture resources to drive manufacturing industries as to achieve net positive revenues for Delta State. With Government providing the basic infrastructure needs and policies for a private sector driven investments in manufacturing plants, business infrastructure and assets. To achieve this, the Government of Delta State would need to make it a matter of law to establish a ministry of Industrial Development directly under the Watch of the Governor that will be funded with a minimum of 25 percent of the State Budget. The Ministry of Industrial Development should be saddled with the responsibility to master plan all industrial cities and agro plantation, execute an initial work program needed to establish the basic infrastructure needed for a private sector driven industries. Let me say here that if the Delta State Government has formulated a law

The Serial Deaths Of Unugbrogodos Of Ogharefe


The event of 24th May, 2020 is a wake up call to re- examine our common bonds, question our custom & traditions, and if possible renegotiate our Town Hall- Politics as a people. To engage the event and incidence of that day with the death of Chief Frank O Ededey in focus.

The student of Oghara history will agree with me that to properly do an holistic documentation,the 1989 page of our history must have to be broadly opened. The crux of this work just before we go deep, is that from 1987 till date, Oghara has witnessed a very quick and mysterious succession of six Unugbrogodos as never recorded before in the kingdom before 1987. Several questions has emerged since the death of the last Unugbrogodo with investigative intentions and the cyber space has been flooded with opinions and arguments on the issue. However, the summary consensus is that a sharp bend and acute diversion, an inimical crossroad has been reached in our history.

The disturbing questions however is;

At what point did we got it wrong?

At what point did our Unugbrogodos became like the Kakafos of Yoruba land that must die mysteriously?

When and why did our traditions turned against the throne and the office of the Unugbrogodo?

What set the throne on fire that has consumed five noble and first class chiefs in a mysterious succession?

Oghara like every other Africa Kingdoms, has revered customs and traditions and social binding norms that encourages peaceful coexistence. These customs and traditions are sacred, primordial, supreme, and are deeply rooted in festivals, deities, shrines, titles, grooves worship, the office of the Ovie, chiefs and above all ancestral spirits ( gods). This by implication means that these traditional activities are backed up with unseen powers. The beauty of these customs and tradition, is that it formed the sociological basis which defines our existence as a people. Tradition guides all aspects of our lives, our heritage, marriage, funerals, land tenure, titles, and worship etc. Our primordial and ethnocentric survival rest squarely on our customs and traditions in Oghara before now.

The diversion in history that turned events, soared and punctuated our town hall with politics and series of death, threatened the throne of ‘Unugbrogodoship’ with automatic death sentence. That Tension era can narrowly be traced the event of 1989 where the Type One chiefs were installed. Four basic discuss defined the event of 1989 which we as a people ignorantly or consciously undermined.

1 With the death of Chief Akpoka Eburu, a cultural consultant, a vibrant Unugbrogodo that succeeded Chief Mayor Atumah an Ipso custodiet of our traditions, the then King, now Late Isaac Umukoro, thought to himself that the coast was now clear for him to bend the tradition to the favour of himself and to suit the throne and office as the Ovie of Oghara kingdom… The king usurping the office and responsibilities of the Unugbrogodo, is the crux of the 1989 traditional council saga. The battle at the beginning was actually between the Ovie and the Unugbrogodo.

2 The emergence of Late chief A.T Rerri as Unugbrogodo in 1987, who succeeded chief Akpoka Eburu was another crux. Chief Rerri was more educated, enlightened and definitely was too smart to be cowed to bend to the proposed conspiracy against the office of the Unugbrogodo.

3 The installation of eleven Chiefs( Type one) by the king in 1989 without consultation with the Unugbrogodo and the oguedion (Town hall) was a major contributing factor.
These eleven type-one chiefs includes;
Chief Omasco Akpeninor, Chief Aboy Ogunde, Chief D.J Tagbajumi, Chief Raleigh Agbachumere, Chief Dimaro Ozah, Chief Francis Akpoyibo, Chief Lucky Omimi, and Chief Ogberigho Agbachumere

4 The declaration of persona non grata against these eleven chiefs by the Unugbrogodo ( chief A.T Rerri) and the leadership of the Oguedion which include the Unuebhoro ( Chief Umuragha Omogaga) and the Unuohwa ( Chief Roland Ofonuwa Eyaufe).

With these four cardinal principals in full fledged manifestation, the stage was now set for a show down which lasted for four good years. While the conflict lasted, the following events accompanied it and the same time unfolded, i.e.

A Series of allegations and counter allegations, curses, nude demonstrations by Ehweya, evil gossips, murmuring, physical assaults were mounted on the throne, person and office of the Unugbrogodo who was branded as the major challenger and contender of peace. The throne was shortlisted specifically for hanging or suspension for the period of the four years litigation.

B The oguedion was permanently placed under lock and key by a court injunction until the various legal argument and contention and primordial conflicts is settled or resolved.

C The binding chord of the oguedion and

Chief Sally Young Toilet Renovated by UPYA

The dilapidated state of the Chief Sally Young’s home, which has been in the news for all the good reasons, receives the first true intervention as Urhobo Progressive Youth Association rebuilt his toilet.

The gesture was a joint effort of good Urhobo sons and daughters under the leadership of Marcus Ekure, founder Urhobo Progressive Youth Association. Kudos to the President of the Urhobo World United UnionAkpesiri F Emorhokpor who did not only make donation but also personally broadcast the story on Urhobo World United Union social media page which is the largest Urhobo Group on Facebook .

Plans are underway by other prominent Urhobo people around the world to provide the necessary aid the veteran need at this crucial state of his life The questions unanswered is, does the Nigerian state takes care of her elderly and especially those in the creative sector. A lesson for the younger generation

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