(UADP) is an initiative of Urhobo National Council designed to develop the Agricultural sector in Urhobo Nation.
Urhobo Nation Council (UNC) is a new structure set up to grow the economy of the Urhobo nation, while defending the nation from all forms of marginalization and deprivation.
We aim to create a forum where Urhobo people meet and do business.
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The Urhobo Agricultural Development Project (UADP) is uniquely structured to engage and empower farmers and youths who are interested in Agriculture.
The primary aim of the Urhobo Agricultural Development Project (UADP) is to provide a platform where Urhobo sons and daughters at home and in the diaspora can take part in the cultivation of our rich soil, thereby creating employment for our teeming youths and educating the future generation on the essences of Agriculture as a tool for personal empowerment and Nation’s building.
In addition to working with individuals, organizations, and communities to cultivate our blessed land, we are creating an enabling environment that makes farming more accessible and attractive to all classes of people within and without.
We work with our partners to create inspiring and hugely mechanized farming, enabling them to boast productivity at cost-effective and efficient method.
Should you need further information, please do not hesitant to contact us on any of our contacts below.

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