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About Us

The Urhobo people is an entity of people who speak different dialects of the Urhobo language, share the same ancestral lineage and cultural values. Though the Urhobos regard the Niger Delta region as their homeland, a large Urhobo population can be found in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, United Kingdom, America, Canada and Europe. The Urhobo Nation website has a goal that intends to provide a unique platform for advancing the struggle of the Urhobo people as a nation, quest for a better recognition at the federal level and a unifying place where Urhobo sons and daughters home and diaspora (where they can meet and do business).

Other products and services are of the Urhobo Nation includes: Urhobo Connect; a platform where Urhobo sons and daughters meet and possibly get married and do business, Urhobo Magazine; a bi-monthly bulletin showcasing Urhobo men and women, our cultures, events, businesses and politics, Urhobo Carnival; a proposed yearly weeklong event showcasing Urhobo culture.

Urhobonation.com also showcases the 24 Kingdoms that make up the Urhobo Nation because we strongly believe that the unity and growth of Urhobo nation can be achieved by the coming together of the kingdoms and engaging the youth who are our leaders of tomorrow.

Urhobo Nation is a Social Enterprise that Bring Economic Development and Social-Cultural Innovation to the sons and daughters of Urhobo descent within the country and the Diaspora, Coming together for the improvements of the Urhobo land, the livelihood of its people and the need to preserve the vest rich values of our culture in the great Urhobo kingdom.


  • To Provide an unique platform to promote the social-cultural heritage of the people and kingdom of Urhobo Nation.
  • Empower the Urhobo People in agriculture ventures, commerce and industry.
  • Institute an Organization format for Urhobo Financial independence.
  • Organize a Bi-Annual Social-Economic conference that addresses the challenges facing the Urhobo Nation and foster the solutions to the kingdoms within the Urhobo Nation.


Urhobo Nation Social Enterprise(UNSE) will be a Social Economic global advancement, driven by shared commitment to excellence and success.


Urhobo Nation Social Enterprise(UNSE) is an Enterprise which seeks to further the social economic integration and prosperity of the people and Kingdoms of the Urhobo Nation through an advance developmental implementation of common Social- Economic vision,policies and projects.

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