Delta Industrial Development Campaign

The #Delta Industrial Development Campaign goals is to kick start the #Delta Industrial Revolution come 2023. Our overall strategy is to engineer the Delta Industrial Development Master Plan (DIDMP) that shall form the basis of our campaign come 2023. Ultimately, the DIDMP shall form the of program of Delta State Government come 2023 when we take over power from Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

The design basis of the DIDMP is centered on the Ten Project Commandments of the Delta Industrial Development. Overall philosophy is that the DIDMP shall form the vehicle to attract trade and investment to Delta State and thereby creating employment opportunities, quality education, standard healthcare system, improved security, beautiful and clean environment, peace and secured communities, creative art and sport development etc.

Delta State shall change the narrative of investments in Nigeria with the establishment of Sapele Industrial City (SICITY) FTZ, Escravos Industrial City FTZ, Forcados Industrial City FTZ and Asaba Industrial City FTZ. The Industrial Cities in Delta State are conceptualized as safe haven free trade zone (FTZ) to utilize the abundant gas resources within Delta State and the Gulf of Guinea as source of energy to generate power that is required for on-site manufacturing industries with an aim to achieve the economic diversification efforts of the Governments of Nigeria.

The Industrial Cities are conceptualized to comprise:

1. Oil and Gas District,
2. Energy and Power District,
3. Manufacturing District,
4. Jetty and Ports Terminals,
5. Business District,
6. Residential Districts.

The oil and gas district is designed to have Flow Stations, Gas Processing Plants, Refineries and Petrochemical Plants, LNG Plant, CNG Plant, LPG Plant etc. The Energy and Power Districts is designed for establishment of power plants to utilize the gas from the Oil and Gas Districts to generate electricity needed by the Manufacturing District. The Manufacturing District shall be laid out to accommodation different manufacturing plants that will utilize electricity from the Energy and Power District and abundant raw materials in Nigeria(timber, cocoa, cassava, fruits, robber, palm oil, ogogoro, bitumen, steel) for manufacturing processes.

The master planning design philosophy for the Ports and Jetty Terminals considers the establishing:

a) Offshore Logistics Base to serve as central point of Offshore Logistics for the oil and gas industries in the Western Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

b) Subsea Centre Excellence for in-country Manufacturing of Offshore and Subsea Production Equipment such as X-tree, manifolds, FLETS, PLETS, Umbilicals, Subsea Control Equipment etc,

c) Niger Delta Dock Yards for Construction and dry docking of ships, barges, FSO, FPSO, NLG Carriers, VLCC in Nigeria.

The Resident District is to provide housing accommodation, shopping malls, ultramodern medical facilities, sporting facilities, education facilities, religious centers etc

The primary advantage of the Industrial Cities in Delta State over other industrial estates in Lagos and Ogun State is the due to its strategic geography and geology. When fully established, the Industrial Cities in Delta State will be the largest and only industrial estate in Africa with an integrated source of energy, access to the ocean, access to road and railway transport infrastructure, close proximity to an international airport and access to abundant agro raw material resources. The idea if for Government and the development Partners to provide the basic infrastructure and policies framework needed for private investors to establish their manufacturing plants.

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