Chief, (Dr.) Mrs. Bemy’s Mercy, founder, Chief Executive Officer, Bemy’s Foundation

She is triple Chief, (Dr.) Mrs. Bemy’s Mercy, founder, Chief Executive Officer, of one of the leading Foundation in Nigeria, Bemy’s Foundation, for Sickle Cell Anaemia and Early Child marriage.

She is a kind hearted woman of the modern block and a philanthropist of the new era.

She is currently having over fifteen persons under her scholarship, studying in higher institutions, paying both accommodation and school fees.

She has equally redeemed many girls from bondages, returned pride prices of their presumed husband, whose pride prices were paid as dept redemption as well as setting up a reorientation centers and enrolled them for skills acquisition for those who wants to learn skills as well giving those who want to go to school scholarships to study any course of their choice.

These she has been doing without government support, all from her personal pocket.

The only woman who gave palliative to the vulnerable

She equally, went further to open food bank in otokutu. ughelli South local government where hundreds of persons were fed.

As I speak, so many widows house rent are been paid by this same woman yearly

In her world, she believe that, people must be made to be happy no matter what.

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