We are pleased to announce the launching of Urhobo Television on this day the 11th of February 2021.

“Television is simply a way we talk to each other about ourselves and so Urhobo television is long overdue”

This is a news and entertainment station set up to acquire, develop, produce, and broadcast Urhobo News and Entertainment content to a global audience.

The primary aim of the station is to project and promote the Urhobo culture and the Urhobo people.

Urhobo Television is aimed to be the new VOICE of the Urhobo people, reporting and analysing issues from the Urhobo people point of view.

The core of Urhobo Television is to produce Urhobo News and Entertainment content; Event shows, Lifestyle, Political Shows, Urhobo Fashion & Beauty, teaching the people the preparation of the native Food, Urhobo Music and Movies, Urhobo Businesses and Healthtalks etc for both mainstream and local market with exciting content that appeals to a wide audience.

Urhobo television will soon be launched in Nigeria and will remain online…

Join us in this journey to restore pride to the Urhobo Nation

God bless Urhobo Nation!

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