The Serial Deaths Of Unugbrogodos Of Ogharefe


The event of 24th May, 2020 is a wake up call to re- examine our common bonds, question our custom & traditions, and if possible renegotiate our Town Hall- Politics as a people. To engage the event and incidence of that day with the death of Chief Frank O Ededey in focus.

The student of Oghara history will agree with me that to properly do an holistic documentation,the 1989 page of our history must have to be broadly opened. The crux of this work just before we go deep, is that from 1987 till date, Oghara has witnessed a very quick and mysterious succession of six Unugbrogodos as never recorded before in the kingdom before 1987. Several questions has emerged since the death of the last Unugbrogodo with investigative intentions and the cyber space has been flooded with opinions and arguments on the issue. However, the summary consensus is that a sharp bend and acute diversion, an inimical crossroad has been reached in our history.

The disturbing questions however is;

At what point did we got it wrong?

At what point did our Unugbrogodos became like the Kakafos of Yoruba land that must die mysteriously?

When and why did our traditions turned against the throne and the office of the Unugbrogodo?

What set the throne on fire that has consumed five noble and first class chiefs in a mysterious succession?

Oghara like every other Africa Kingdoms, has revered customs and traditions and social binding norms that encourages peaceful coexistence. These customs and traditions are sacred, primordial, supreme, and are deeply rooted in festivals, deities, shrines, titles, grooves worship, the office of the Ovie, chiefs and above all ancestral spirits ( gods). This by implication means that these traditional activities are backed up with unseen powers. The beauty of these customs and tradition, is that it formed the sociological basis which defines our existence as a people. Tradition guides all aspects of our lives, our heritage, marriage, funerals, land tenure, titles, and worship etc. Our primordial and ethnocentric survival rest squarely on our customs and traditions in Oghara before now.

The diversion in history that turned events, soared and punctuated our town hall with politics and series of death, threatened the throne of ‘Unugbrogodoship’ with automatic death sentence. That Tension era can narrowly be traced the event of 1989 where the Type One chiefs were installed. Four basic discuss defined the event of 1989 which we as a people ignorantly or consciously undermined.

1 With the death of Chief Akpoka Eburu, a cultural consultant, a vibrant Unugbrogodo that succeeded Chief Mayor Atumah an Ipso custodiet of our traditions, the then King, now Late Isaac Umukoro, thought to himself that the coast was now clear for him to bend the tradition to the favour of himself and to suit the throne and office as the Ovie of Oghara kingdom… The king usurping the office and responsibilities of the Unugbrogodo, is the crux of the 1989 traditional council saga. The battle at the beginning was actually between the Ovie and the Unugbrogodo.

2 The emergence of Late chief A.T Rerri as Unugbrogodo in 1987, who succeeded chief Akpoka Eburu was another crux. Chief Rerri was more educated, enlightened and definitely was too smart to be cowed to bend to the proposed conspiracy against the office of the Unugbrogodo.

3 The installation of eleven Chiefs( Type one) by the king in 1989 without consultation with the Unugbrogodo and the oguedion (Town hall) was a major contributing factor.
These eleven type-one chiefs includes;
Chief Omasco Akpeninor, Chief Aboy Ogunde, Chief D.J Tagbajumi, Chief Raleigh Agbachumere, Chief Dimaro Ozah, Chief Francis Akpoyibo, Chief Lucky Omimi, and Chief Ogberigho Agbachumere

4 The declaration of persona non grata against these eleven chiefs by the Unugbrogodo ( chief A.T Rerri) and the leadership of the Oguedion which include the Unuebhoro ( Chief Umuragha Omogaga) and the Unuohwa ( Chief Roland Ofonuwa Eyaufe).

With these four cardinal principals in full fledged manifestation, the stage was now set for a show down which lasted for four good years. While the conflict lasted, the following events accompanied it and the same time unfolded, i.e.

A Series of allegations and counter allegations, curses, nude demonstrations by Ehweya, evil gossips, murmuring, physical assaults were mounted on the throne, person and office of the Unugbrogodo who was branded as the major challenger and contender of peace. The throne was shortlisted specifically for hanging or suspension for the period of the four years litigation.

B The oguedion was permanently placed under lock and key by a court injunction until the various legal argument and contention and primordial conflicts is settled or resolved.

C The binding chord of the oguedion and

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