Chief Sally Young Toilet Renovated by UPYA

The dilapidated state of the Chief Sally Young’s home, which has been in the news for all the good reasons, receives the first true intervention as Urhobo Progressive Youth Association rebuilt his toilet.

The gesture was a joint effort of good Urhobo sons and daughters under the leadership of Marcus Ekure, founder Urhobo Progressive Youth Association. Kudos to the President of the Urhobo World United UnionAkpesiri F Emorhokpor who did not only make donation but also personally broadcast the story on Urhobo World United Union social media page which is the largest Urhobo Group on Facebook .

Plans are underway by other prominent Urhobo people around the world to provide the necessary aid the veteran need at this crucial state of his life The questions unanswered is, does the Nigerian state takes care of her elderly and especially those in the creative sector. A lesson for the younger generation

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