The Urhobo people occupy the Delta Central Senatorial District of Delta State. They are the largest of the nine ethnic groups in Delta State, Nigeria. The Urhobo group is classified as among the first ten major ethnic groups in Nigeria (Ukeje 1966; Awolowo 1968; Otite 1982). The Urhobo can be found in the territory bound by Latitude 6 degree and 5.15-degree East.

The Urhobo neighbours to the North are the Benins; to the North-East are the Ukwanis; the Isoko people borders the Urhobo to the East and the South-East; and, the Ijaws and the Itsekiris lay on the South and the West respectively.

The Urhobo people occupy both the vast Niger Delta plains and the swampy areas of the mouth of the River Niger, the various rivers and tributaries where the great River Niger enters into the Atlantic Ocean.

While the vast plain is dominated by evergreen forest and lush vegetation, the swampy area is filled with mangrove forest and creeks and streams watered by the tributaries of the River Niger.

The Urhobo people, like other groups in the Niger Delta have a complex and difficult to situate tradition of origin. This is simply linked to the lush vegetation and the swampy nature of their environment which do not help in the preservation of artefacts to aid archaeological discoveries.

Therefore, there are several traditions of origin laid out according to the interest of those involved in their evolution. As such, it becomes pertinent to lay out these traditions of origins as they are being propagated. This will be grouped under two major sub-divisions.


(In Urhobo)

Urhobo eh, Orere r’Ivie sa-a. Urhobo eh, Orere r’Ivie sa-a. Urhobo kokore Ogbare eh,  Urhobo eh, Orere r’Ivie sa-a. Obo r’Urhobo jevwe na, Aso ‘fa jevwe otio ye-eh. Edefa me rhiakpo, Urhobo me wan rhe, Urhobo eh, Orere r’Ivie sa-a Anoma-a.


Urhobo Progress Union world-wide was established in 1931. Originally known as Urhobo Brotherly Society, the union is the oldest surviving self-help union founded by any group of Nigerians in the history of Nigeria.

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Chief Ejiro Ughwujabo URHOBO PRESIDENT UK

This is the umbrella body that actively works to advance the course of all Urhobo organizations and people resident in the United Kingdom

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Olorogun Dr. Mrs. Onome B. Dema URHOBO PRESIDENT AMERICA

Urhobo Progress Union America’s mission is to unite people of Urhobo descent and others who identify with Urhobo people and culture abroad and at home for the promotion of human development and Urhobo culture and ideals

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Urhobo Television: An Idea whose Time has Come
The Birth of the Urhobo Television, courtesy of the Urhobo Broadcasting Network Limited has broadened the media horizon for the Urhobo nation towards resolving the question of self-determination. The west-dominated mass media, which is loaded with foreign content, had been a means of critical acculturation for import of Western Cultures and values, which have dominated the socio-political consciousness amongst our people. There had been serious threats to the Urhobo national life and culture by foreign cultural values through manipulation of the local media so

much so that our media has not been people-oriented but rather government dominated without integrating traditional folk media into the modern mass media technology.
Urhobo Television does not belong to the promoters but all Urhobo people worldwide. Our traditional music, movies, cultural attributes, news and current affairs will now find a window for global viewership and appreciation through this effort. We want to put the Urhobo nation on the global stage hence our slogan is ‘Resonating the hits and beats of Urhobo nation’. Generally, the media in indigenous languages epitomizes a people-oriented communication approach to

programs of national development and the preservation of socio-cultural values, ensuring in the process cultural self-determination. That is what the Urhobo Television stands for.From time to time, we shall reflect the thinking, the ideas, the values, the vision of the Urhobo Progress Union and allied organs to the world. We want Urhobo to tell their own story and provide a platform for debate and appreciation of issues of national and global import. Our neighbours, both invidious and adorable shall be given attention so as to prepare our people for beneficial relationships. Politics, religion both orthodox and traditional shall not escape.


We shall strive to fulfill our primary role of the ‘Watchman’ by helping to scan the horizon and report back, help to decide policy, lead to legislate and not miss out in our Teacher role while helping to socialize old and young members by teaching them the beliefs, customs, and laws valued by our society. We shall be here for all. All that is required of our people is their support and encouragement. Criticism shall be appreciated. We shall be here for you and reflect all that will promote the common good of our people. The time for Urhobo to take her place on the global scene of action and mass media has come. Together, we can make it.

Urhobo Agricultural Development Corporation (UADP) is an initiative of Urhobo National Council designed to develop the Agricultural sector in Urhobo Nation.
Urhobo Nation Council (UNC) is a new structure set up to grow the economy of the Urhobo nation, while defending the nation from all forms of marginalization and deprivation.
We aim to create a forum where Urhobo people meet and do business.
Our website is www.urhobonation.com
The Urhobo Agricultural Development Project (UADP) is uniquely structured to engage and empower farmers and youths who are interested in Agriculture.

The primary aim of the Urhobo Agricultural Development Project (UADP) is to provide a platform where Urhobo sons and daughters at home and in the diaspora can take part in the cultivation of our rich soil, thereby creating employment for our teeming youths and educating the future generation on the essences of Agriculture as a tool for personal empowerment and Nation’s building.
In addition to working with individuals, organizations, and communities to cultivate our blessed land, we are creating an enabling environment that makes farming more accessible and attractive to all classes of people within and without.
We work with our partners to create inspiring and hugely mechanized farming, enabling them to boast productivity at cost-effective and efficient method.







Urhobo Carnival

Urhobo Carnival is a yearly cultural event designed by Urhobo Television to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Urhobo people. This Carnival is aimed to unveil a greater understanding and appreciation of the culture of the Urhobo people Our one-weeks exciting live event is packed with sporting events, film screening, cultural exhibition and contest, fashion parades, talent exhibition, music entertainment, the much-anticipated Urhobo Queen beauty contest.
We have also developed a balanced, fair, and transparent awards/talent hunt platform that will celebrate standout individuals, businesses, organization, talents & celebrities, whilst providing an opportunity for promising Urhobo upcoming talents to emerge and excel.
URHOBO CARNIVAL is essentially made up of:

1. Urhobo Football match

2. Urhobo Cultural Dance Show and Contest

3. Moonlight Film Festival

4. Urhobo Traditional Wrestling Competition (Abo emuo)

5. Urhobo Talent Hunts (Acting, Dancing, Music and Comedy)

6. Urhobo Music Extravaganza 7. Urhobo Fashion Show and Contest.

7. Urhobo Fashion Show and Contest

8. Urhobo Hall of Fame: (Talent and Hero Awards)

9. Urhobo Traditional Food Show and Cooking contest

10. Urhobo Poetry Contest (Talking riddles)

11. Urhobo Story Telling Show

12. Urhobo Dressing Contest

13. Urhobo Queen Beauty Contest Amidst other side attractions like the Urhobo food festival, Music extravaganza and Talent hunt, this carnival is structured to serve as a progressive platform where Urhobo football teams, cultural groups, fashion designers, musicians, comedians, poets from across the 24 kingdoms will compete for various prizes and recognitions,

Urhobo Events